Busy Busy Busy Busy Busy Busy Busy Busy

No time to post.

You have a sense of what you think it might be like to stay home with your kid(s) before you have them. I’ll do yoga! I’ll make wonderful meals. The house will be spotless! I’ll write letters to my friends!

Um, yeah. Not quite.

 It’s 9:48am and my son is napping and after I write 250 or so words, here’s what I’ll do in descending order of importance. The descending order of importance is the key to success in stay-at-homehood, since the kid is bound to wake up and cut your list off at some point.

 So, in a very particular order:

 1. Use the loo. Trying to use the loo with an 11-month old in the room with you is enough to induce a very painful case of hemorrhoids. You’re in the middle of things and suddenly he’s got the vanity drawer open and is playing with a bottle of Tylenol. Not good. So the loo is #1. Ah, to s**t in peace.

2. Shower. No. Wait. No time for that. Instead, deodorant and a face wash. Maybe some face cream. Perhaps a teeth brush. Proceed at frantic pace; no time to linger.

3. Eat. A bowl of Cheerios and a banana is the new gourmet.

4. Check email. Write 6 word replies. Sample: Can’t write busy will call later.

5. Clean up. Start with dishes. End with food encrusted high chair, which sends me into a fit of despair. I know, in my heart, that only a bottle of bleach and four hours of scrubbing would truly get that high chair clean. So instead, I suck it up and sit my kid down in a pool of crumbs from his yesterday’s dinner.

6. Avoid feeling overwhelmed. (This isn’t actually a task, let alone a possibility. Just thought I’d add it anyway).

7. If he’s still napping, I might actually change into a pair of jeans and comb my hair. When I get this far on my list, I feel amazing. With my jeans on and my hair combed, I make Angelina Jolie look like Shrek. (Not exactly true, but it’s all in how you feel – beauty is inner.)

On that note, time to sign off and move to #2 on the list. Deodorant, here I come.

 Will post again soon.


~ by thebookofmommy on February 27, 2008.

7 Responses to “Busy Busy Busy Busy Busy Busy Busy Busy”

  1. As soon as my kids were old enough to sit up on their own, they started taking a shower with me. They loved it. A couple of bath toys . . . naked in the water with Mom . . . ta da welcome back to long showers with all body parts clean on a daily basis!

  2. Better plan!

    1. Stack dishes in high chair.

    2. Put high chair in shower. Squirt with soap-like substance.

    3. Use loo while water is warming up. (Do to liability issues I cannot advise eating Cheerios while on the loo…but this would save time!)

    4. Jump in shower with high chair and dishes…wash all at once.


    “I am the smartest man alive”

    Billy Madison

  3. So glad you’re back to validate our busyness!!! It’s so refreshing to find moms who feel as harried as I do!

    Missed you

  4. Brushing your teeth is an auxiliary chore. Do it while doing something else like showering.

    The perfect time to do dishes and catch up on laundry is after your put the tyke down to bed for the night. Not for a nap, you need to nap when they nap or you won’t be able to keep it up for long.

    By the way, if you hand wash dishes, use the blue sponge. It won’t scratch the kid’s plastic dishes but still gets the stuff clean.

    At first, all the gadgets, plates and sippy cups might seem like baby status symbols, but after a while you will realize it is all about ease of cleaning. While in the store,open that stuff up and see if you will need a Q-Tip to clean it out. If it will take more to clean a sippy cup than clean up a spill, don’t get it. Sippy cups are good for their palette anyway.

    Waving your hand in front of his face is not what he wants. He wants eye contact. So you need to learn to drop whatever you are doing at a moments notice and pick it up again in an instant.

    #1 Bit of advice…develop a support network. Friends or family who can take on your son for an hour or so while you catch up. The small price you might pay, watching their kids for them for a few hours, is worth it. When you need a break, you need it bad. When you don’t, you’ll be surprised at what you can take on.

  5. Where are you????? I miss your blog- I know your are busy. Just want you to know I love your blog and the wonderful sense humor. It brings a smile to my face everytime I read it. It always seems to say something I feel although I dont have the words to express it so eloquently as you do.
    Hope you write another entry soon.

  6. The awesomeness that is this post. Pure awesomeness. Especially since I do believe you were taking a s**t while you wrote it.

  7. We MISS you bunches. HOpe you start writing again soon–though I can understand why it’s hard to find the time!

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