Thanks for reading! (In Praise of Men)

Wow, thanks to everyone for commenting. I love the sharing!

I noticed after reading the comments that my previous two posts were both at least somewhat of the male bashing variety. Now, this was not intended. I am not a male basher. I am a feminist, but I’ve always been a feminist who believes that me are our friends, our mates, our partners (if we swing that way), our equals. Feminism is not about raising or lowering one sex, it’s about women finding ways to be who they need to be.

Suffice it to say, I love men. I married one, I gave birth to a mini-one. Men rule my world, and I love it.


~ by thebookofmommy on February 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Thanks for reading! (In Praise of Men)”

  1. Don’t back off for us! We know we turn into “babies” when we are sick and think we are helping when we really aren’t. Just be sure to tell us when he is nice too.

    We dads need all the support we can get!

  2. In a manner of speaking, most men are really just mini-men. We save the fully growing up for when we have to, which usually comes some few years after we die.

    I applaud your view of feminism. Now, feminism really is none of my business. The last thing a feminist wants is a man telling her how to do it right. But you know, us men know everything. I digress. I meant to mention a lady who was a feminist for years. For years she struggled under the imposed perception that being a feminist was about being a certain way. Later, she realized that feminism, to her, meant being free to choose who to be. She popped back in the kitchen and started cooking them cookies. Yum.

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